Low Cost Interlock is an ISO:9001 NHTSA certified ignition interlock device manufacturer - LCI began initial operations in Redlands, California 10 years ago and now provides IID services nationwide. LCI provides the most efficient and effective method for allowing individuals to regain driving privileges though our straight-forward, considerate, all-inclusive approach.

At LCI we pride ourselves on providing our clients the most reliable and courteous services possible. This common-sense approach - accompanied by our best-in-class ignition interlock and true "Low Cost" price makes LCI a preferred IID provider.

Low Cost Interlock is a national premier IID provider of services and technologies that meet all federal and jurisdictional requirements. LCI controls all aspects of the IID process to ensure the end-user effortlessly meets their IID requirements, such as manufacturing, quality control, installation, service, real-time reporting, and monitoring.

Our fully-integrated IID devices and services, separate drinking from driving and have been proven to reduce alcohol-related drunk driving injuries and even deaths. Join our team at LCI and be part of the solution!